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Initial Research Stages

In order to make this script a success and believable, an extremely large amount of research must be completed first. I have decided to divide my research into two different categories:

1. Secondary Sources (General Research)

2. Primary Sources (Cultural Research)

The secondary sources are later accounts of what had occurred during the period. It will give a general overview of the 1960s as a whole. This would include non-fiction historical books. The primary sources on the other hand are accounts of the events as they happened or directly after they happened. It will give great insight into the culture and responses to the events of the period. This would include magazine articles, newspaper articles, documents, etc.

In my possession at this point I have: Boom! by Tom Brokaw, 1968: The Year That Rocked the World by Mark Kurlansky, 1968 A Year in Pictures by Michael Kaufman, The 1968 Project by Brad Zellar, Time magazine from 1968, Look magazine from 1968, and a newspaper replica from 1968. My research will begin with Boom!

I also have created a general schedule of events to bring me into the second semester (the start of my senior project class).  The schedule is as follows:

June 1-9: General Research

July 10-31: Cultural Research

August 2-8: Through-Line

August 2-12: Script Outline

August 13: Begin Screenplay

August 28: First Draft Complete

Fun 60s Facts:

Marijuana was occasionally served as a dessert course among high-class families.

Pop music culture began with the song “Rock Around the Clock” in 1954.

Purchasing a television required a license.

The black poverty seen in American culture today stems from misguided policies and aid programs from the 60s.


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An inspiring young film producer/director/writer who is passionate about reflecting on the many complicated facets of humanity through integrating history into modern storytelling through the medium of film.

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