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The Writer’s Journey

I was prepared for this next step of my writer’s journey quite a long while ago – I was confident enough in my research to start the writing process but something was holding me back. I needed a sense of structure, for one thing, but more importantly I needed to allow myself to be ready to make mistakes. Many times had I sat in front of a blank sheet of paper, knowing exactly what to write but simply too afraid to begin. This is the biggest project I will ever accomplish, most likely, and certainly the last project I will do for a long while. I can’t let this project fail yet I must accept that mistakes, not only will they be made, but they MUST be made. Yesterday I finally took a leap of faith despite apprehension and started creating an outline for my script. With every word written, I wanted to break down in tears. I have never felt so anxious to stop moving that pen and so desperate to get it right. I couldn’t get past the first four scenes before I knew I needed to just begin capturing the dialogue and action on the page. I haven’t established a flow for myself quite yet but I do know that I plan to work act by act. Normally I have a clear idea of what my characters look and act like, along with their life history. With my last major project,  I could give every living detail of the complicated and discouraging life of Aleksy, the Polish immigrant who escaped the aftermath of World War Two. But with this project, while I can foresee the reactions of my main character,  Virginia Donaldson, I do not feel familiar enough with her yet. This scares me most. I imagine the remainder of the process of completing this first draft to be a slow one but I am very excited for where this writer’s journey will take me.


About amariecarey

An inspiring young film producer/director/writer who is passionate about reflecting on the many complicated facets of humanity through integrating history into modern storytelling through the medium of film.

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