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Act 1

As of a few minutes ago, I completed my very first “official” draft of my first act of Mother Of Us All (8 pages in total). I have written countless numbers of Act 1’s for screenplays in my life, but this one feels like a true accomplishment. The outline of the act, which I unfortunately will not reveal, really sets up the story in a charming and genuine way. I am filled with a nervous excitement over where this story will drive itself and have challenged myself with the removal of dialogue to let the action command a strong presence.

As a sort of “thank you” to those who have kept interest in my blog, and more importantly my work, here is a small section of the first act as it stands in its first draft:

[Context: Virginia is returning home from a job interview having receiving the news that she wouldn’t be given the position]


The front door handle jiggles from the outside. It startles LEO DONALDSON, retired war-veteran, husband of Virginia, who is cleaning the kitchen counter tops. He quickly pulls off his rubber gloves, throws the dish rag in the sink, and rushes toward the living room couch where he pulls out the newspaper and pretends to be engaged in what he is reading.

Virginia sulks through.


How’d it go?

Virginia continues to the kitchen.

Leo rounds the counter to face Virginia on the opposite side. He kisses her on the forehead, gives her a look of rehearsed pity then continues to clean.


You’ll get the next one.

Virginia snatches the rag from his hand. She pulls out an apron from the kitchen closet and turns for Leo to tie it around her waist. He can’t get himself to do it.



Virginia quickly turns back around and begins to tie the apron herself. She bends in a slight bow.


At your service, my devoted husband.

Virginia feverishly scrubs the counters but stops at the sound of CHANTING coming from outside.


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An inspiring young film producer/director/writer who is passionate about reflecting on the many complicated facets of humanity through integrating history into modern storytelling through the medium of film.

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