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As expected with any film, but particularly a period film, funds must somehow be raised in order to insure the highest quality, and in my case, an historically accurate film. With my previous period piece Charioteer, I was able to  save a portion of each paycheck I received months prior to the start of the project and tried to borrow props and costumes as much as possible. But with Mother of Us All being on a significantly larger scale, I had to think a little more creatively. I had exhausted bake sale and car wash ideas (surely, I jest) and thus had to look into more promising options.

I had heard of a recent independent film Blue Like Jazz being funded through a website called Kickstarter ( and wanted to check it out for myself. Anyone needing funding for a creative idea (film, music project, food product, art piece, etc.) is eligible to create a project profile with a specific monetary goal in mind. Anyone who is interested in the project is able to pledge whatever amount they desire and is rewarded with a gift of sorts as determined by the project’s creator (for example: a DVD copy of the film or the backer’s name in the credits). The money however will only be received if the goal is met. While it’s quite a risk for those putting their projects on the site, it is really a unique way for people all around the world to get involved in supporting the arts, even if they don’t consider themselves creative individuals.

So after much consideration, I too have taken a risk in calculating a very specific budget, researching the best possible prices on equipment rental, important props/costumes, distribution materials, and catering for my cast and crew and creating a Kickstarter project for Mother of Us All. Now, you who have graciously followed my journey through this arduous and emotional process can help make this effort a true reality by donating (any small amount helps).

You can view my Kickstarter project profile here:

Thank you for your continued love and support!


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An inspiring young film producer/director/writer who is passionate about reflecting on the many complicated facets of humanity through integrating history into modern storytelling through the medium of film.

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