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A (Resentful) Ode to Minnesota



Lush, towering hills paint your body’s frame

       My fingers caress your golden hairs as they fold within the wind

Reflective, glittering lakes quench your frozen skin

       My feet skim your surface then sink beneath, enveloped

Loud, striking forests guard your gentle soul

       My body grasps your foundation, protected by wooden spears


But now


What once was a blissful covering of white

Now penetrates my skin

Turning my spirited blood into an icy cold



You’ve lingered on




My every longing is for this white caged dwelling to end

My every longing is for this stiff bundled existence to cease


       Dearest Minnesota, love of my life

End this cruelty

This unpredictable penalty

My heart feels distant from you

It longs to be near your warmth

Your light

The returning of your inhabitants

       Dearest Minnesota, muse of my poem

Restore my hope

My wavering faith

                     My heart feels distant from you

I wouldn’t desire to live anywhere else, but for a filmmaker who likes to know no limits, I must admit my beloved Minnesota is the most challenging location to attempt a film project. This land of 10,000 lakes is cursed with inconsistent weather patterns, particularly, long and harsh winters. You would think that being a Minnesota native, I would have learned by now to write stories for the screen which do not require sun-filled afternoons and lush green foliage. After many single-digit-temperature outdoor shoots, snow-capped “summer” settings, and incongruous exterior shots, I continue with my optimism. With no surprise, that optimism has failed me yet again. I have pleaded with God, begged with Belinda Jensen, and propositioned Mother Nature to withhold this snow storm until the conclusion of our last few days of shooting Mother of Us All.

Though, contrary to the words of this ode, I have not lost all faith, for I know it’s all in God’s hands.

Prayers accepted.

Happy spring sledding to you faithful and intrigued readers.


About amariecarey

An inspiring young film producer/director/writer who is passionate about reflecting on the many complicated facets of humanity through integrating history into modern storytelling through the medium of film.

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