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The Waiting Game

Our precious film is out of my hands and into the palms of scrutinizing judges ready to tear the script, acting, lighting, and camera work to pieces. While there are some tenacious feelings enveloped in this process, there’s nothing left to do but wait. And wait.

But let me be realistic, there is no use in simply waiting! There is much to be done! And much have I done since the temporary conclusion of this project:

This November, on the 19th, I released my second music project as a singer/songwriter titled “Cry of My Heart.” This project reflects an honest evaluation of my life and faith. The album can be purchased via iTunes and Amazon. Find out more about my heart behind the project and where to find the album through my website: During the process of collaborating with musicians, photographers, and graphic designers to sculpt this EP, I have made a venture back to my theater roots by acting as a stage manager for a Christmas show called “A Christmas Pudding” at The Open Window Theatre. In the midst of this time, I started constructing the outline of a new film. The purpose of this project was to give me an opportunity to work with a new director of photography, who happens to be a dear friend of mine, also a DP for Pinstripe Productions in the Twin Cities. Furthermore, it would allow me to work with actress Hannah Cox once again, in order to stretch her talents (Marina in Mother of Us All). But as ideas began to flow, the project soon became far more complex than intended; a good thing in some ways! I won’t be recounting the process of that film in great detail, as I did this film, but you can hear snippets about the project and my other creative endeavors through my new blog:

There is still an adventure to be had with my little “Mother of Us All,” but the course is still being molded. And while that process is taking place, there is much to be done! Thanks for following me in this insanity, known as film, and for continuing to follow me through my music and my various creative projects.



About amariecarey

An inspiring young film producer/director/writer who is passionate about reflecting on the many complicated facets of humanity through integrating history into modern storytelling through the medium of film.

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